Advocacy Update

Would you like to help your administrator spend money on your music program?  Administrators rarely ask for help spending money. However, they very well might welcome help with understanding how to meet the new requirements for the Future Ready PA Index and Title IV Part A funding needs assessment. School districts that receive more than $30,000 in Title IV funds MUST SPEND AT LEAST 20% on well-rounded education (music, art, PE, STEM). In this scenario, that’s at least $6,000!

Your school district needs to report on these well-rounded education needs, as well as student evidence for the College and Career Readiness Standards. There are plenty of these skills that you develop in your music classes and ensembles that could easily lend themselves to documentation and artifacts that your students and district will need.

You can find the College and Career readiness standards on the PDE site. You can find lots of easy to understand information on ESSA and Title IV funding on the NAfME site under the Advocacy menu.

While you are on that site, you should definitely download the Opportunity to Learn Standards. This document is a great advocacy tool (even though districts are not bound to these standards)

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