PMEA District 12 Auditions – Nov 2021

UPDATE 11/2/2021:

1) Scales, short-term preparation excerpts, and choral excerpt selections are now posted! This link also contains important reminders and info for directors. CLICK HERE to view.

All directors who will have students submitting an audition must complete this form: (This is for directors only, not for students to fill out)

3) SUBMITTABLE LINK: Students use this link to submit their audition. It will open 12:00am on Nov. 3.


We are pleased to announce that in-person festivals are back for the 2021-22 school year! More information will be announced soon regarding the logistics of the festivals, and all events will adhere to the latest guidelines of school and health officials. This page contains complete audition information for our 2021 PMEA District 12 Chorus, Band, and Orchestra Festivals.

All auditions for District Ensembles will be held through video submission this fall, using the Submittable platform. Students will register themselves and pay the registration fee using the Submittable link. The link will be posed on this page on Nov 3. Sight-reading and scale selections will be posted on this page Nov. 2. Please review our official D12 Audition Policies HERE.

11/3/2021 Audition window OPENS on Submittable at 12:00AM
11/9/2021 Audition window CLOSES on Submittable at 11:59PM
11/12/2021 Directors of participating students review and score submissions
11/17/2021 Deadline for participating directors to complete assigned scoring
11/20/2021 10am MANDATORY in-person meeting for directors of students who have auditioned. Bayard Rustin High School 1100 Shiloh Rd, West Chester, PA. Breakfast served starting at 9am. Important information will be discussed, folders/paperwork will be distributed.


  • Read the audition repertoire requirements below carefully. In order to be considered for Districts, audition submissions must include all posted material and must follow these Guidelines for Auditioning.
  • When recording an audition video, no identifying clothing may be worn (i.e. no school t-shirts, no name identification, no PMEA, NAfME All Eastern or National shirts). Additionally, please do not include any identifying information in the video file name or in the content of the recording (i.e. your
    name or school name).
  • Each separate excerpt, scale, and rudiment should be recorded in a separate video (exception: percussion scales are recorded in a single uncut video and percussion rudiments are recorded in a single uncut video).
  • Each music excerpt must be recorded from start to finish without cuts and/or splices. Students’ hands/body/face must be visible in the video. To obtain the best audio quality, a good microphone as well as high-end computers or digital recording devices for the recording equipment are suggested.
  • There is no requirement to perform from memory. Students are permitted to read from sheet music for any of the audition requirements.
  • There can be NO use of any device that can be perceived to give aid to a student (i.e. no earphones,airpods, etc.)


Students should prepare the pieces listed below in their entirety. Selected portions to be recorded for the audition will be posted on Nov 2.

Sicut Locutus Est
J S. Bach/Mack&Banzhaf
Carl Fischer CM8111

Ain’-a That Good News
Arr. William Dawson
Neil A. Kjos Music
Publisher ID: T103A

Students should prepare the accompaniment to the above choral audition pieces. In addition, students should prepare to play open score for both choral audition pieces (i.e. S/A, T/B, S/T, A/B, etc.).

Auditions for District Band and Orchestra will consist of the following:

  • Two prepared excerpts. Excerpts are listed below by instrument and should be performed in their entirety for the recorded audition.
  • Selected major scales. Students should prepare the complete list of required scales posted by instrument. Selected scales for the recorded audition will be posed on November 2.
  • A short-term preparation piece (“sight reading”) that will be posted on November 2

Note: All of the excerpts below are transcribed from published sources, and will be judged exactly as they appear below. If you spot a mistake or correction needed for any of the excerpts below, please email as soon as possible. The deadline for any updates/corrections is August 15, 2021. After that date, all excerpts will be judged exactly as posted.

At-Large Auditions


SUBMITTABLE Music Repertoire Auditions for Accompanist, Harp, Jazz and Vocal Jazz ( It is strongly recommended to purchase the repertoire music material in the summer, so the students may have time to work on the material). At- Large audition material for WE/CB and Orchestra will be available on the PMEA website Monday, September 13.