Board Positions Open

We have two positions that will be open for the upcoming school year.  If you are interested in these, please contact me via email!


Communications:  This person would be responsible for assisting in updating the website and establishing a social media presence for the region.    They also would be the record keeper of all board actions and minutes at meetings during the year.  The website is built in WordPress, which is very easy to navigate.  Social media presence will include linking website information to various platforms viewed by parents, teachers, and students to create more interactivity and connection.

The communications position is a *NEW* position this year.

Curriculum & Instruction Representative:  This person would serve on the state Curriculum & Instruction council.  This council is responsible for discussion, research, and recommendation of best practices in instruction to all PMEA members.   More information is available here.

Our current C&I representative is Scott Cullen who is our state President-Elect: he can’t do both!