D12 President Updates – May 22nd

We are starting to see some great information beginning to be generated for music education: real concrete information that you can use as we begin planning for what our fall classrooms are going to look like.

Preface before continuing: the majority of this post is centered on instrumental music education, but can be applied to all other disciplines as well!


On Tuesday night, an OUTSTANDING webinar was conducted featuring various professional organizations across the country.   I’d encourage you to spend the time to watch it (warning: it is almost 2 hours long, so you might want to speed it up).  The major points that came out of it are as follows:


  • MANY Resources are going to be making their way to you very soon. 

If you’re an elementary instrumental music teacher, you are most likely very worried about those beginning days of how to teach to get a sound out – or even just putting the instrument together.  There are going to be a series of videos put together in the coming weeks that deal with those fundamentals for every instrument.    We know you’re going to have to create a lot of content for this fall – hopefully this is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

  • There are TWO scientific studies being run right now on aerosol dispersants in regards to music making.   

Run by both the University of Colorado-Boulder and Colorado State University, their initial findings should be available in the beginning of July.   I believe that every one of you will be able to use this data to help your districts make decisions on just what is possible this fall.


You can view the webinar in its entirety here:


The first of the reports mentioned in this webinar became available last night.   There are MANY great resources in this document that can easily be adapted to ensembles of all levels in our region.

CBDNA COVID-19 Response Committee Report


Have a wonderful Memorial Day!