D12 Representation at NAfME Eastern Division Conference

Our PMEA/NAfME Eastern Division Conference was held in Pittsburgh earlier this month.   Congratulations to the following D12 members who presented sessions or had performing groups:

  • Angela Guerriero:  Educating Students with Special Needs: Making Composition Accessible
  • Jody Jianniney:  Educating Students with Special Needs: Making Composition Accessible
  • Marci Major:  Rote Gone Rogue and Kennett Symphony Children’s Chorus
  • Tatyana Oksyuk: Radnor String Quartet
  • Emily Bullock:  Preserving Vocal Health as a Classroom Teacher
  • Deborah Confredo: Conversations and Collaborations: PreK-12 and Higher Education Working Together
  • Sister Kathleen Doutt: S-U-C-C-E-S-S for the Beginning Music Education and Carnival Latin American Style
  • Erin Kauppila:  Keep Calm and Don’t Fret!  A Great High School Guitar Program is Right at your Fingertips
  • Marsha Core:  Haverford High School Chamber Singers
  • Keith Hodgson:  The Maestro’s Magic!  Effective Conducting Techniques
  • Nathan Buonviri:  Teaching Relevant Aural Skills Across the Music Curriculum and Drumming Skills for All Students
  • Paul Rardin:  Temple University Concert Choir
  • Patricia Cornett:  Temple University Wind Symphony and A Conducting Workshop with the Temple Wind Symphony    

A special thank you goes out to  Julie Allport, Patrick Hein, and Marcus Myers for serving as chaperones for the All-State Festival as well!

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