Combined Chorus and Instrumental Auditions for 2020-21

TBA – Virtual Platform

We will still be holding auditions for our high school events through the Submittable platform.

  • Students will still audition on the posted material on the website.  Sightreading will not be a component of the audition this year.
  • The window of audition submissions will be released a later date.  We are aiming for a window either immediately before or immediately after the Winter Break.

All directors who have a student submit a video for the audition will be a part of the review committee.   Our goal is that each student will not only receive numerical feedback, but also written feedback on their performance.

The cost for the auditions will be more than previous years – we are hoping for somewhere between $10 and $20 per student.   This is meant to only cover the costs of Submittable.  The board feels comfortable in doing this since there will be no festival costs for schools this year.

Once the auditions are complete, we will release a list of “district” level musicians in each genre through a public relations plan.    From there, the top musicians in both District 12 and 11 will then be eligible to apply for All-State Recognition.

Please review the audition policies for all students and directors here.