Audition Policies

1. Directors must be current members of PMEA.

2. Students must participate in their own school band in order to audition for District Band, their own school orchestra in order to audition for District Orchestra, and their own school chorus in order to audition for District Chorus. If one of those organizations is not offered at the student’s school, another PMEA music director from their high school may sponsor them so they can audition for the ensemble,
with the understanding that the sponsoring director will attend and take part in all required auditions.

3. Directors must accompany their students to the audition, and serve on an audition committee. If the director is not in attendance, their students will not be permitted to participate. In case of emergency, it is the director’s responsibility to secure a qualified proxy who is also a current member of PMEA and employed in their school district. This proxy must be approved by the District 12 President.

4. An audition fee of $4 will be collected for each student auditioning for District Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. A check made payable to PMEA District 12, and only one check per school should be submitted to the treasurer according to the directions in the online application and is due immediately once the registration forms are complete. The financial obligation must be met by the date of auditions
or the students will not be allowed to audition.

5. It is the director’s responsibility to post the audition selection list, with the appropriate editions, and inform students of all aspects of the audition, and requirements of participation in the festival(s), as well as listening to students, and assessing whether they are prepared for the audition. Photocopies of the music are not permitted at the audition.

6. Signups for auditions will end on the day named by the festival audition chair to allow them time to process the information from each school and organize the auditions.

7. Students and directors must be available at the audition site for the duration of the auditions.

8. Auditions will be blind. Student issues or questions will be communicated through the Sergeant at Arms (SAA).

9. If three or more students from a school audition, but none of them are selected, the school may send one student as its representative member to the festival, at the discretion of the district president. The student will be chosen based on their numerical placement, and balance considerations for the ensemble. The placement of the student into the ensemble will be overseen by the district president. Students placed into the ensemble as a representative member must reaudition for placement at the festival but are not eligible to go on to the region level.

10. The host of the fall audition will receive an honorarium of $100.

Choral Policies
1. It is recommended that teachers make every effort to teach correct pronunciation of foreign language texts to their auditioning students.

2. Sopranos, altos, and basses must be in grades 10, 11, or 12. Because of the shortage of tenors, 9th grade tenors may audition. If chosen, 9th grade tenors must re-audition for placement at the festival, but are not eligible to go on to the Region level.

3. Students are not allowed to switch voice parts on the day of the audition.

4. Each high school may send no more than 20 students to the fall audition: 4 sopranos, 4 altos, 4 tenors, 4 basses, 2 accompanists, and 2 additional male voices.

Instrumental Policies

1. All auditioning students must be in grades 10, 11, or 12.
2. Any student who is auditioning for the District Orchestra on string bass is also eligible to audition for District Band at the discretion of their orchestra director.  This is the only exception to the above policy on ensemble membership.