District 12 Band, Chorus, Orchestra Virtual Audition Information

District 12 will be sponsoring virtual auditions for all eligible students this school year.     The purpose of this virtual audition is three fold:

  • To provide more authentic feedback for the student of District 12 from area music teachers.  In previous years students would only receive a score breakdown.  Through this virtual process, students will receive both a score and additional commentary
  • To recognize our outstanding musicians across Southeast PA.   From the auditions, we will be selecting our top musicians for recognition as “District Level” musicians.   We will generally follow the instrumentation that the ensembles have used in the past, but may be adjusted depending on the amount of students that submit audition videos.
  • To determine students who are eligible for audition for the 2021 All-State Events.   The top students from District 12 (as determined based on the state wide formulas) will be eligible to submit a recording to be considered for the All State event to be hosted in April.

Please keep the following points in mind:

  • D12 is not sponsoring any type of “virtual” ensemble for students this year.
  • There is no Region-level event state wide for the 2021 school year.
  • The All-State events are going to be held virtually in April: you can check out the tentative plan here.

Requirements for Auditions (in place for the 2020-21 school year ONLY).

  1.  Directors must be current members of PMEA.
  2. Students must participate in their own school band in order to audition for District Band, their own school orchestra in order to audition for District Orchestra, and their own school chorus in order to audition for District Chorus. If one of those organizations is not offered at the student’s school, another PMEA music director from their high school may sponsor them so they can audition for the ensemble, with the understanding that the sponsoring director will attend and take part in all required auditions.
  3. Students must be in grades 10-12.   
    1. Each high school is still limited to 20 students for the choral auditions ONLY: 4 from each voice part, 2 accompanists, and 2 additional male voices if they choose.   There is no limit on instrumental auditions.
    2. There will be no exception for 9th grade tenors this year.
    3. Any student who auditions for District Orchestra on string bass is eligible to audition for District Band at the discretion of the orchestra director.
    4. Wind musicians may audition for both the wind section of the orchestra as well as the concert band, but they only have to submit one recording. 
  4. Directors must participate on the virtual audition committee as determined by the audition committee.  If the director does not serve on a committee, their students will not be eligible for recognition at the District or All-State level. 
  5. There is no representation policy in place for school districts this year.
  6. Virtual auditions will NOT be blind auditions.  Students should not wear any type of school-identifying clothing for the video submission.
  7. Auditions will be based entirely on the student’s submissions.   Students should submit a video of the highest audio and video quality possible.

No identifying clothing may be worn (i.e. no school t-shirts, no name identification, no
PMEA, NAfME All Eastern or National shirts). Additionally, please do not include any
identifying information in the video file name or in the content of the recording (i.e. your
name or school name).

Each music excerpt must be recorded from start to finish without cuts and/or
splices. Students’ hands/body/face must be visible in the video. To obtain the best audio quality,
a good microphone as well as high-end computers or digital recording devices for the
recording equipment are suggested. ** There can be no use of any device that can be
perceived to give aid to a student (i.e. no earphones,airpods, etc.)

Audition Fees:

  • A $6 fee will be assessed for each student who submits an audition.   This is processed by credit card through Submittable.   No purchase orders or checks will be accepted.  
  • Students who are selected to audition for the All-State Festival will be responsible for an additional audition fee of $12.  This also will be done via Submittable and credit card.  You will receive more information from the All-State Coordinator about this at a later point.
  • Students/districts who have not returned outstanding music from the spring (Region Orchestra, Region Band, or All State Music) will be ineligible to submit an audition video until that music is returned to the District President.


Audition Timeline:

Mon Nov 30 – Sunday Dec 6th: Students submit their videos to Submittable

Wed Dec 9th – Wednesday Dec 15th: Directors review window

Friday Dec 18th : Announcement of District level musicians

For students who are eligible for All State, please refer to the state website for your window of submission timeline.

Directors: Please forward this page onto your students who are interested in auditioning.  They will need to complete the submission form (linked at the bottom) during the audition window.


Audition Requirements: (Please refer to the audition excerpt page linked here)

Wind & String Auditions:

Choral Auditions:  Students should provide their own starting pitch for each excerpt.   This pitch does not need to be part of the recording that is submitted.

Soprano Faure: beat 4 of m71-m79
O Magnum: m35-67
Barber: m10-20
Alto Faure: beat 4 of m71-m79
O Magnum: beat 4 of m44 – beat 2 of m67
Barber: m9-20
Tenor Faure: beat 4 of m71-m79
O Magnum: Beat 4 of m32 – beat 1 of  m67
Barber: beat 3 of m10 – m20
Bass Faure: beat 4 of m71-m79
O Magnum: beat 4 of m27 – m48
Barber: m6 – 17

Piano Auditions:

  • Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine – Entire Piece
  • Barber: Sure on this Shining Night – Entire Piece
  • Victoria: O Magnum Mysterium – Play the Soprano and Tenor lines from m53 (start on “Al”) to m74.

Percussion Auditions:

  • Snare Solo: All of Page 2
  • Marimba Solo: 2 before Letter D to the End
  • Timpani Solo: Letter C to the End



Audition Registration:  Click the button below to get started.    The audition window opens at 12:00am Monday, November 30th, and closes at 11:59pm Sunday December 6th.  Late entries, for any reason, will not be accepted.