District 12 Inservice Wrapup

PMEA members attending a session on the modern band program presented by Henry Pearlberg (Past State President) and Scott Cullen (D12 Curriculum & Instruction Chair)
Bob Morrison giving the keynote speech at the D12 In-service at Great Valley MS.

Thank you to the entire PD committee for their work and efforts in putting together a spectacular in-service conference on November 5th.   Many of you were in attendance for Bob Morrison’s keynote speech.

Mr. Morrison announced at the inservice that his arts education data research project will be extending into Pennsylvania in the upcoming school year.   For more information on this project, please view his company’s website.


Bob Morrison with his son Andrew (a student at WCU) and some of Andrew’s student colleagues.

Thank you again to Great Valley Middle School for hosting us and to Zeswitz Music for subsidizing Mr. Morrison’s appearance!