Executive Board Job Descriptions

Adjudication Chair

The role of the Adjudication Chair is to coordinate the District 12 Music Performance Assessment
Programs. District 12 currently offers an instrumental and a vocal assessment. In the early fall, the Chair
will select and secure a host site and date, review PMEA registration forms, procedures, and reporting
requirements, and confirm adjudicators as needed for the event
. In January/February, the Chair will take
registrations for the event, develop the performance schedule, and
secure sight reading music. In
March/April, the Chair will prepare score sheets, secure CD’s for recording, and secure digital devices for
adjudicators. During the event, the chair will facilitate along with the host, and supervise the
assessment. At the conclusion, jobs entail
submitting required paperwork to PMEA, thank you letters to
participants, and a
follow-up with adjudicators on receiving payment form PMEA.

Festival Coordinator
The festival coordinator helps each festival host (district band, district orchestra, district chorus and any
regional festivals) plan and implement their festival. Usually, the coordinator will meet with each of the
hosts in a group meeting during the summer to go over important deadlines and budget items. In the
early fall, when hosts present their preliminary budget, the coordinator will evaluate the budget to
make sure costs are in line with D12 guidelines. As the host continues with the planning of the festival,
any questions are directed to the festival coordinator rather than the district president. Usually, the
festival coordinator will attend each festival on the first night to make sure things are running smoothly.
In addition, the festival coordinator (and fest coordinator) serve on the Student Events Council (SEC)
which has 2 representatives from each of the 12 Districts. There are one to two state-wide meetings
each year and attendance is required in order to represent your district. During the year, other business
of the SEC council such as voting on region and state conductors is done through e-mail.

Middle School Professional Development
The Middle School PD Coordinator will serve on the Professional Development Committee along with
the Elementary and High School Representatives. This individual will assist in planning PD activities for
District, contribute items to D12 Newsletter, represent PD concerns for strand/level, assist in planning of
clinics for fests/festivals, and assist with the planning of the District 12 In-service Conference. Applicants
must be actively teaching classroom music, have leadership abilities, be aware of current trends in
professional development, and be interested in promoting professional development opportunities
within D12.