From the President – November 2019


I hope the first marking period of the school year was as a positive and productive one.    Whether you were giving an elementary student their first lesson, teaching how to match pitch with their peers, or cleaning that last set of your marching band show for what may seem like the fiftieth time, remember that you ARE making a difference and impact on your students!

Bob Morrison, D12 Inservice Keynote Speaker, with Justin McAdams (D12 President), Bret Mascaro (Zeswitz Director of Education), and Randy Shayler (Zeswitz Music CEO)

Advocacy Updates:

Advocacy can exist in many ways – and we are here to help.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  If you sense that there might be an issue in your district that you need help with, we have many resources available NOW to assist you.

Contact George Weaver  and let us know how we can assist you.

The Modern Band Movement:

We are very fortunate to have two teachers in D12 who have spent some extensive time with the Modern Band program this summer.   At first glance, some of this might look different than “traditional” music making, but when you start to look at the pedagogical sequencing, it can be VERY valuable!   

This is a great way to reach out to the students in your school who want to pursue music making, but aren’t in your choir, band, or orchestra!

Want to know more?  Contact Scott Cullen or Henry Pearlberg!

Awards & Citations Excellence Deadline – DECEMBER 2nd

The window for the various awards and nominations is now open, and will close in just a few weeks.   

This includes the Outstanding Superintendent Award, Citation of Excellence, and the 25 Years of Teaching Recognition Awards.


A question for all of you – especially those that are in the elementary and middle school grades.

HOW CAN PMEA HELP YOU?  In a perfect world, what would you like PMEA to be able to do for you as a member?   We are only as strong as the membership, and I fully believe that there is a concerted effort starting across the state for PMEA to do more than just “run the All-State Festival”.

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However, in order for that to happen, we do need to know what YOU need.   Send me an email, and let’s set up a time to chat!


-Justin McAdams

District 12 President