Moving Forward in Music Education in Southeast PA

More and more school districts here in District 12 are beginning to bring back students to 4 or even 5 day a week in person instruction…which is a great thing!

It is OUR JOB and RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that arts education is a part of those plans.    I hope that these resources will assist you in that endeavor.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly for assistance, guidance, or just someone to talk to about your plans!

Special Thanks to Bob Morrison and the organization for the work and dedication that they have put into their advocacy efforts both here in the region AND nation wide.


  • To Date: There has been no scholastic performing arts spread of COVID-19.   None.
  • The key finding from the aerosol research is this: Music making of all types, Theatre, Speech, Debate, Dance classes and activities related to these endeavors MAY BE HELD IN PERSON following proper mitigation.
  • MASKED Singing & MASKED Instrument Playing does not pose ANY GREATER RISK than MASKED talking.
  • More aerosols are produced when there is “something” to vibrate.  This is why the oboe (double reed at high velocity) and a soprano singer (again…high velocity) create the most UNMASKED concentration of aerosols.
  • Flutes and Recorders – thought to be the worst “spreaders” of them all – are the exact opposite.  RECORDERS CAN BE USED IN GENERAL MUSIC CLASSES WITH MASKS.

Third Aerosol Report Results (Nov 2020)

Look for additional information to be released in April that refines some of the information on indoor time requirements and spacing.   


It goes without saying that school districts have made decisions this year that would not have happened in any other year.    Make sure you are involved in the discussions and decisions heading into the next school year – and make sure that they are based on historical context.    This is a great document to help you in monitoring those budget conversations and the process as a whole.

Enrollment numbers are down RIGHT NOW….but what were your enrollment numbers looking like for the previous 7-10 years?    Let THIS be the argument that drives staffing and budget discussions.    

On March 2nd, the CARES II Act finances were released to states and school districts.   Pennsylvania is scheduled to receive 2.2 BILLION dollars.     This is approximately FOUR TIMES the amount that we received from the first CARES act passed at the beginning of the pandemic.

You can view how much your district is receiving here.

When the CARES III Act money is released (this was the bill that was signed yesterday by President Biden), there will be even MORE money released into schools.   This document goes into further detail on what those funds can be spent on in relation to MUSIC EDUCATION!


Start talking to your principals, budget coordinators, and curriculum leaders TODAY.   You may even be able to get a head start on purchasing some items for next year NOW.     Of interest in this is the ability to purchase software that aids in music education and monies for summer progams!



…and it’s not just in “tested” subjects, but EVERY subject.   Make sure you are a part of the educational conversation NOW….not later.   My concern for all of us is the elementary level: talk to your building principals about how EVERY subject will be approaching the delayed aspect of learning.



One year ago was the last time most, if not all of us, saw 100% of the kids in our classes.    

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.   It is getting bigger day by day….and we need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to emerge out of this tunnel on as strong of a footing as possible.