Elementary & MS Fests

Updated & Info for the 2023-2024 School Year
Kathleen Boyer, Fest Coordinator

Elementary & Middle School Directors – we encourage you to get involved with our PMEA Fests!  These are excellent learning opportunities  and musical experiences for your outstanding students.   If you are new to your teaching position, or if you have not recently participated in PMEA Fests, we encourage you to contact the fest hosts below to inquire about getting your students involved.  If you have participated in one of these fests previously, your name should be in the email group, so look to receive an email from the hosts if you have not already.

What are PMEA Fests?

  • Held each year, PMEA Fests are one-day events where outstanding students from participating schools come together for a day of music rehearsal with a guest conductor, culminating with an evening concert.
  • Participating students must be nominated and accompanied by their school music teacher (director), and participating teachers must be current members of PMEA.  (See PMEA State Website Statement)
  • In the fall, participating directors nominate outstanding students to be selected for participation.
  • Once the ensemble is selected and announced, directors assist their students with preparing the music, completing all necessary paperwork and parent permissions, and arranging for student transportation to the fest.
  • On the day of the fest, participating directors attend the fest (directors must be present during the entire day) and assist/supervise as needed.
  • The day of rehearsal concludes with an evening concert for family & friends


2024 Fests (Chronological Order)