Voting Closes on July 19th

PMEA Members:

If you have not voted yet for our next president-elect, we encourage you to do so before July 19th, 2019.

Link is below:


President’s Message – May 2019

PMEA Members –

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the end of the school year.  Concert season is upon us and I’m sure there is some incredible music making occurring throughout District 12!  Thank you for what you do to bring music to our children.

I am emailing you with two important pieces of information.  First, the PMEA District 12 Chorus audition music is posted on our PMEA D12 website at this link  Instrumental audition excerpts will be posted at the beginning of June.  Thank you to our repertoire committee for working diligently to produce a great list of excerpts for next year’s auditions.


Second, District 12 is currently seeking individuals interested in running for the position of President.    This is a 6-year term, with 2 years (beginning in the fall of 2019) as Vice President, 2 years as President (fall of 2021), and 2 years as Past-President (fall of 2023).  The first two years of the position is on the job training and there is a great support system in place.  If you have any questions, or you are interested in running, please email me as soon as possible at .


As always, if you have any questions, please send me an email.  Enjoy the rest of your school year and thank you again for the work that you do!


Executive Board Positions Open

District 12 is currently seeking individuals interested in running for the position of President.    This is a 6-year term, with 2 years (beginning in the fall of 2019) as Vice President, 2 years as President (fall of 2021), and 2 years as Past-President (fall of 2023).

If you would like more information regarding the position, please contact Dr. Erin Kauppila (current President) or Justin McAdams (current Vice President).

Interested parties do not need to be a high school teacher – this is open to all active members of PMEA District 12.


D12 Representation at NAfME Eastern Division Conference

Our PMEA/NAfME Eastern Division Conference was held in Pittsburgh earlier this month.   Congratulations to the following D12 members who presented sessions or had performing groups:

  • Angela Guerriero:  Educating Students with Special Needs: Making Composition Accessible
  • Jody Jianniney:  Educating Students with Special Needs: Making Composition Accessible
  • Marci Major:  Rote Gone Rogue and Kennett Symphony Children’s Chorus
  • Tatyana Oksyuk: Radnor String Quartet
  • Emily Bullock:  Preserving Vocal Health as a Classroom Teacher
  • Deborah Confredo: Conversations and Collaborations: PreK-12 and Higher Education Working Together
  • Sister Kathleen Doutt: S-U-C-C-E-S-S for the Beginning Music Education and Carnival Latin American Style
  • Erin Kauppila:  Keep Calm and Don’t Fret!  A Great High School Guitar Program is Right at your Fingertips
  • Marsha Core:  Haverford High School Chamber Singers
  • Keith Hodgson:  The Maestro’s Magic!  Effective Conducting Techniques
  • Nathan Buonviri:  Teaching Relevant Aural Skills Across the Music Curriculum and Drumming Skills for All Students
  • Paul Rardin:  Temple University Concert Choir
  • Patricia Cornett:  Temple University Wind Symphony and A Conducting Workshop with the Temple Wind Symphony    

A special thank you goes out to  Julie Allport, Patrick Hein, and Marcus Myers for serving as chaperones for the All-State Festival as well!

Important Fall Dates

2019 PMEA District 12 Fall In-Service Conference

  • Tuesday November 5th, 2019
  • Location: TBA

2019 PMEA District 12 Band, Chorus, Orchestra Auditions

  • Saturday November 23rd, 2019
  • Location: West Chester Rustin HS

As has been announced all year, the auditions for BAND and ORCHESTRA will be based on a set of excerpts that will be published on this website by the end of June 2019.   Thank you to everyone who has assisted in putting the excerpt packets together! The CHORAL auditions will remain the same as last year.

PCMEA hosts “Day of Music”

West Chester University’s NAfME chapter hosted a “Day of Music” on February 2nd, 2019. Middle school students from several local schools attended a day of workshops and masterclasses taught by WCU Music Education students. All students participated in a masterclass on their primary instrument and chose from several workshops such as ear training, practice techniques, and jazz improvisation. The event will be offered again in the Fall of 2019.   If you would like more information about this event, please contact the PCMEA representive for D12, Kendra Woywod.


Festival and Fest Wrapup

I’d like to begin by thanking all of our PMEA Festival hosts for the 2018- 2019 School Year! You have given your time and energy to provide memorable and inspiring experiences for hundreds of students. Thank you!

2019-2020 HS Festivals are listed below.   Elementary and MS Fests will be announced throughout the summer and fall. 

District Chorus 1/16-1/18 Sun Valley HS
Nicole Moyer, host
District Band 2/13-2/15 Radnor HS
Dan Drew, host
District Orchestra 1/30-2/1 Upper Darby HS
Molly Radford, host
Region Chorus 2/27-2/29 District 11 Host
Region Band 3/26-3/28 Avon Grove HS
Michael Davino, host
Region Orchestra 3/12-3/14 District 11 Host


-Jeff Hart
D12 Festival Coordinator

Advocacy Updates – April 29th and Title IV

PMEA’s 8th Annual Music Education Advocacy Day on Monday, April 29 will take place in Harrisburg. This is a great opportunity for you to take an active role, meeting with your representatives, attending the PMEA presentation and news conference and enjoying the musical ensemble performances. Additional details are available here


PMEA has created a Title IV Funding Tool Kit now available on the state advocacy homepage. Please take time to make use of this valuable resource for requesting additional funding.  There are examples of real-life Title IV success stories that you can easily use to help you make a case for funding in your own district.


Teacher Grant & Senior Scholarship Applications Now Available!

District 12 Members:

Two important opportunities are now available for you to view on the District 12 website.

Teacher Grant Application:

Senior Scholarships

The Grant application is open to any member teacher in District 12.  The scholarship application is open to any seniors in your ensembles who have been a member of a D12-sponsored high school festival and will be studying music education next year in college.

If you have any issues accessing the forms, please contact us through the D12 website.